Vulnerability Scanning

Technology, networking and organisations are evolving rapidly. With new developments, comes new security vulnerabilities and threats as well.

Maintaining a solid security posture for both internal and external facing networks and systems is challenging and has become a continual task for organisations. Therefore, regular and consistent checks to identify cyber threats and vulnerabilities is an important step for any organisation to improve its security resilience.

Why do this in addition to internal or manual security penetration testing?

Internal or external penetration testing is a valuable exercise but is usually conducted on an annual or less frequent basis. Over the course of a year, new vulnerabilities will continue to emerge which may not be detected until the next manual test. The purpose of this is to provide more frequent and cost-effective assurance on the security of your organisation’s internet-facing infrastructure and complement any annual penetration testing that is carried out

Vulnerability Scanning

Our vulnerability scanning service can help identify and prepare your organisation’s to defend against cyber attacks and vulnerabilities in a quick and cost-effective manner.

We can easily scope the activity to conduct single planned scans across your infrastructure or perform a global vulnerability scanning programme.

Benefits of a Vulnerability Scanning Programme include:

  • Detect and alert you to current vulnerabilities (A vulnerability programme will include regular alerts and updates).
  • Provide detailed reporting at the end of each scanning exercise. Our reports give you clear and actionable recommendations to remediate any security issues identified.
  • Provide additional consultancy advice and knowledge transfers sessions.

External Discovery Service

The main purpose of the discovery service is to monitor the external presence of an organisation for any new applications or services and alerts you when there are changes identified.

Benefits of a Discovery Service include:

  • Positive impact on your IT change management
  • Clear information asset management via the discovery service
  • Be better prepared for any new threats or risks following a discovery
  • Receive regular alerts and reporting

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