Project Security Assessment

Whether it’s a new project or programme of work, in-house developed product, application, or one that is being procured for future use, our service will help to provide you with the assurance that the solution has been built and functions in a secure fashion.

The Assessment Service

This tailored assessment is designed to identify significant vulnerabilities and provide a level of security assurance. The objective is not to conduct a full product/project assessment, which can take a long time, but instead a way of achieving a balanced assurance in the security of a product within a cost-effective and a short timeframe.

Each assessment is tailored to the product and to your requirements. We will work with you to determine a suitable scope for the evaluation, taking into account the likely threat to the product and the impact of a breach in security.

Benefits of using this service include:

  • Get product and risk assessments conducted by experienced subject matter experts.
  • Tailored assessment process to fit your security needs or contractual requirements.
  • Scoping made easy to fit your budget and timelines.
  • Get a detailed report at the end of the assessment with all the detailed findings and recommendations for remediation.

For more information pleaseĀ contact us.

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