CSA STAR Certification

Demonstrate cloud security assurance to customers and clients

As more information and services are being migrated to the cloud for its versatility and cost-effectiveness, it becomes essential for organisations providing and using these cloud based services to undertake various levels of security due diligence, perform risks and threat assessments, apply effective controls and demonstrate a strong overall security posture.

The use of cloud technology provides numerous advantages and new opportunities, it also introduces a number of cyber threats to organisations, in particular to its information and services. By implementing a CSA STAR Certification, you can get a full understanding of the various trends, threats and risks involved in relation to cloud computing, and in addition, will significantly leverage and complete any existing security standards and compliance initiatives such as the ISO 27001 standard.

Whether you are an SME or a large enterprise, the CSA STAR Certification applies to organisations of all sizes.

Key features of this service

  • Controls and monitors security incidents and events
  • Review the existing Close Risk Management documentation
  • Carry out the security assessment for the final accreditation
  • Helps in obtaining the necessary Acceptance Certificate
  • Assessments to CSA Star and ISO27001
  • Risk Treatment Plan Management
  • Create requirements to access the cloud suppliers
  • Detailed reporting against the Cloud Controls Matrix
  • Assessment against CSA 13 security domains


  • Cloud, ISO27001 and CSA star qualified consultants
  • Avail value for money with cloud security services
  • Get cloud security awareness and training
  • Comply with the growing international standard and Integrate into existing standards such as ISO 27001
  • Controlled implementation to CSA controls matrix
  • Improve the reputation of your cloud services
  • Generate new business and deals by standing out from your competition
  • Provide management and stakeholders clear visibility on various controls and measures in place to secure your cloud services
  • Overall security optimisation of your cloud services
  • Get independent assurance from external auditors and certification body

ERS provides consultancy services on CSA STAR controls and standards. We assist organisations in ensuring cloud implementation programmes have the correct assurance and governance in place. This includes security health checks based on the Cloud Security Alliance’s Cloud Controls.

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