Rapid Cyberattack Assessment

Organisations like to receive deeper visibility on potential vulnerability towards rapid cyberattacks for multiple reasons. For example, they might have already been a victim to an attack, they are unsure about their status of defensive measures or would like to obtain a risk assessment related to rapid cyberattacks.

This Rapid Cyberattack Assessment would help you meet your business and security objectives for identifying potential cybersecurity risks and gain knowledge about technologies that can help mitigate those risks.

Engagement details

  • Understand customer’s status against cyberattacks: Help customer’s to identify elements in their IT environment which might make it prone to rapidly spreading and potentially destructive cyberattacks (e.g. ransomware attacks).
  • Cyberattacks Technical Security readiness: Provide guidance, recommendations and best practices on how to successfully use Microsoft technologies to mitigate security threats that are associated with Rapid Cyberattacks.
  • Create Rapid Cyberattack roadmap: Provide prioritised and actionable roadmap for the customer containing proposed actions based on discovered gaps, considering user impact and implementation cost. Map technology capabilities and services to assessment findings, taking into account customer’s objectives and requirements.

Informal knowledge transfer

Informal knowledge transfer will be provided throughout the project. This could include whiteboard discussions, email threads, conference calls, and facilitated meetings regarding technical topics. Informal knowledge transfer activities are secondary to completing the deliverables and maintaining the project schedule. No deliverables or meeting summaries will be provided for these sessions or activities.

Deliverables & Methodology

  • Initial Meeting / Kick-off Presentation
  • Pre-Assessment Questionnaire
  • Rapid Cyberattack Assessment – Tool Reports
  • Rapid Cyberattack Roadmap

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