Remote ISO 27001 Information Security Management

The global coronavirus pandemic is not just a public health emergency, but an economic one too, and in response, ERS are providing a service to remotely manage your Information Security and help protect businesses from becoming vulnerable to cyber attacks in these testing times where organisation security resource is low or non existent.

With workers working away from their usual place of work and staff numbers reduced to follow new Government rules, businesses are struggling to cope with the forever changing business landscape.  In these situations businesses are struggling to cope with the technologies to manage and maintain their business and often open up vulnerabilities for people to exploit.

This is where our remote information security managed service can help you continue to maintain the security and integrity of your products or services and let your customers know you are still a reliable secure business.

What can the remote information security managed service offer?

At ERS we already utilise technologies such as WebEx, Skype and Teams to create the virtual environment to support any business and understand new and emerging threats.

Your ISO 27001 Management System

  • We can create and conduct your internal audit program me ensuring it does not fall behind.  By using the previously discussed technologies we can carry out an audit as if we were sitting with you in your office.
  • We can work with you to map out or improve your current processes.
  • Create and review your documentation including policies or procedures.
  • Review your supplier agreements and questionnaires 
  • We can create awareness programmes for process owners.
  • Manage online Management reviews, managing the minutes and supporting the outcomes.
  • Review non conformance or opportunities for improvement
  • Develop Action plans

We can ensure your remain compliant and help you to improve your current management system. 

This service is is also available for new implementations.  From starting from scratch to taking over a started implementation, at ERS we can remotely help you achieve a successful certification outcome. 

Chief Information Security Officer

We can become your remote Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)  to assist you in developing and maintaining a long-term sustainable strategy for information assurance and security within your organisation, in a cost-effective manner.

What benefits does this service provide?

  • Senior management presence in the organisation with regards to Information Security
  • Development of information security maturity model with a long-term plan of embedding security best practices and performing continual improvement activities.
  • Advice and counsel to management on budget and resourcing requirements for security activities.
  • Costing savings as there is no need to hire full-time employees.

Information Security as a Service (ISaaS) 

Where you have information security requirements and responsibilities but you currently do not have the resource or the demand for Information Security skills doesn’t always justify hiring a full-time employee, ERS can support you.

Why do you need Information Security as a Service (ISaaS)?

  • No need to hire full-time employees.
  • Flexible allocation of resources, a few, or as many man/hours as you need, scaling up when you need them.
  • ERS consultants are highly skilled and accredited personnel.
  • Our methodology integrates seamlessly with IT, including ITIL, Cobit and Agile practices, for example.
  • Consistent methodology prevents duplication of efforts.

For more information please contact us.

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