Information Security as a Service (ISaaS)

What is Information Security as a Service (iSaaS)?

Information Security as a Service (iSaaS) helps customers to define a security strategy and carry out regular assessments and information compliance. ERS assists in making informed decisions on the security and information technology options that are required to enable and support your business objectives.

In every organisation there are information security requirements and responsibilities. But the demand for Information Security skills in many environments does not always justify hiring a full-time employee. Information Security skills are highly specialised and for this reason finding and retaining Information Security specialists (full time or contractors) can be expensive.

  • Our iSaaS solution is focused primarily on providing value to your organisation
  • This service is modular, you can take the modules you need to complement your current strengths, or to increase the maturity of your information security practice as you need it
  • Service Level Agreements, metrics and Reports guarantee that you are always in control about the performance and the return of investment of your ISaaS service

Key features of this service

  • Design a security and information roadmap and controls
  • Provides information architectural digital future blueprint for your organisation
  • Enables Business platforms and ecosystems technology planning
  • Benefits of audits, penetration tests and monitoring
  • Appropriately architected and designed solutions which aligns with service outcomes.
  • Maximises efficiency, operational and gain cost benefits
  • Ensures security of information/data assets which prevents security breaches
  • Keeps information assets secure


  • Defines information security framework, governance and objectives
  • Aligns security and information governance with your business needs
  • Provides a Security and Information Strategy across your organisation
  • Defines a data handling, classification and management framework
  • Establishes security assessments and audits
  • Defines Authentication, Identity Management and Controls
  • Provides Incident monitoring and Response techniques
  • Provides security hardening services for systems and environments
  • Establishes Information Compliance and IT Governance

Why do you need Information Security as a Service (iSaaS)?

  • No need to hire full time employees
  • Flexible allocation of resources, as few, or as many man hours as you need, scaling up when you need them
  • ERS consultants are highly skilled and accredited personnel
  • Our methodology integrates seamlessly with IT, including ITIL, COBIT and Agile practices, for example
  • Consistent methodology prevents duplication of efforts


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