Configuration and Build Assessments

Ensure your system builds for appliances, workstations, laptops, servers and infrastructure components are securely configured in line with security best practices and standards.

The review would include security configuration and builds for various systems and will provide a detailed summary of findings, improvement actions and recommendations tailored to your organisation. This provides assurance that your systems and assets are in line with the latest industry best practices and vendor guidelines.

We provide configuration and build assessments for the following categories of IT assets and systems:

  • Workstation – build reviews are performed to identify issues and improvements on desktop and laptop builds.
  • Servers – configuration checks and reviews are performed on various servers and builds. This covers a wide range of application and web servers, including database and virtualisation servers.
  • Appliance – review appliance setup is inline with security best practices as recommended by vendor.
  • Network devices – reviews on the configuration and rulesets of firewalls and network devices such as load balancers, switches, and other security appliances.
  • Mobile Devices – security reviews on device deployment or Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions and the associated configuration and security policies.

Our service is designed to identify security vulnerabilities and issues, such as firewall configuration, or server hardening issues, or failure to align with best practices to secure them against cyber attacks.

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