Security Training and Awareness

ERS offers a range of user awareness training and workshops sessions covering a wide range of information and cybersecurity topics.

We are flexible to conduct awareness sessions that suit the needs of your organisation. Awareness sessions can be conducted in various means such as:

  • Remote interactive sessions via the internet
  • On-site and in-person sessions
  • Online webinars
  • One-to-one training
  • E-Learning training
  • Specific sessions tailed to your audience (e.g. Business, HR, Finance, IT, etc.)
  • Leveraging your internal collaboration and conferencing tools to provide sessions

The main purpose of these sessions is to convey the importance of information security within all the team which make up the organisation. The sessions will also aim to demonstrate to key users and management with real-world examples of how security breaches and cyber attacks can impact them.

This will also be supplemented by providing practical tips and good security practices, such as when working remotely, protection of information assets, mobile devices, physical security, protection from social engineering, phishing and other attacks, identifying and report security incidents etc., which will overall aim to boost the security culture of the organisation.

All our sessions are specifically tailored for your industry, sector and organisation type. The sessions will also be flexible to ensure it is aimed at the target audience and their job roles.

For more information pleaseĀ contact us.

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