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Chief Information Security Officer Services (CISO) 

The Outsourced Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) as a Service is designed to assist you in developing and maintaining a long-term sustainable strategy for information assurance and security within your organisation, in a cost-effective manner.

 What benefits does this service provide?

  • Senior management presence in the organisation with regards to Information Security
  • Development of information security maturity model with a long-term plan of embedding security best practices and performing continual improvement activities.
  • Advice and counsel to management on budget and resourcing requirements for security activities.
  • Costing savings as there is no need to hire full-time employees.

Information Security as a Service (ISaaS) 

In every organization, there are information security requirements and responsibilities. But the demand for Information Security skills in many small and medium organizations doesn’t always justify hiring a full-time employee.

Information Security skills are highly specialized, for this reason, finding retaining Information Security specialists (full time or contractors) can be expensive.

What is Information Security as a Service (ISaaS)?

  • ISaaS is a solution focused on providing value to your organization.
  • The service is modular, you can take the modules you need to complement your current strengths or to increase the maturity of your information security practice as you need it.
  • Service Level Agreements, metrics, and Reports guarantee that you are in control at all times about the performance and the return of investment of your ISaaS service.

Why do you need Information Security as a Service (ISaaS)?

  • No need to hire full-time employees.
  • Flexible allocation of resources, a few, or as many man/hours as you need, scaling up when you need them.
  • ERS consultants are highly skilled and accredited personnel.
  • Our methodology integrates seamlessly with IT, including ITIL, Cobit and Agile practices, for example.
  • Consistent methodology prevents duplication of efforts.

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