Office 365 Security Assessment

Office 365 (O365) security assessment will perform a detailed review of your O365 environment and provided a detailed report covering remediation steps.

Security in the cloud is a shared responsibility. Microsoft, as the Office 365  cloud provider, and you, the customer, both bear the responsibility of securing your data in the cloud. Understanding your responsibilities as well as the security capabilities that are available in O365, are key requirements to successfully fulfilling this responsibility.

Whether you have just decided to move to O365, or are already fully deployed, conducting an O365 Security Assessment can identify potential security gaps in your current environment and reveal new security features, capabilities and industry standard practices that may have been recently added to the O365 service.

Evaluate, Decide and Ensure Your Cloud Access is Secure

This offering enables your organisation to confidently secure your O365 platform by defining security responsibilities, identifying potential security gaps and providing recommendations to improve security posture.


We understand that each organisation may be at different levels of maturity in their O365 environments and have varying requirements. So we have tailored our activities to your specific needs. In doing so we will:

  • Identify and define the scope for an O365 security assessment.
  • Review existing security documentation.
  • Gather security assessment data using automated tools.
  • Review prior risk assessments to assess progress towards implementing management actions.
  • Construct a view into the organisation’s current security posture, with potential security gaps identified.
  • Synthesise data gathered into a management report of prioritised findings, recommendations and industry standard guidance.

Who is this service for:

This service is designed for your organisation’s IT staff, Information Security team and Internal Audit team, who have direct involvement and understanding of the organisation’s security and compliance requirements, as it relates to O365.

Deliverables & Methodology

  • Documented O365 Security Assessment Work Plan, with steps, tools and procedures used to conduct the assessment.
  • Management Report containing current security posture, potential security gaps, prioritised findings, as well as recommendations and industry standard guidelines.

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