ISO 45001 Auditor Conversion

ERS provides a range of Internal auditor training and workshops sessions including ISO 45001.

We are flexible to conduct Auditor sessions that suit the needs of your organisation. Sessions can be conducted in various means such as:

  • On-site and in-person sessions
  • One-to-one training
  • Leveraging your internal collaboration and conferencing tools to provide sessions

Auditing is one of the fundamental activities for maintaining a Management System and assessing compliance with specified requirements. This conversion course provides delegates with the knowledge, skills and confidence for existing lead auditors of other management systems to perform first, second- and third-party audits of an occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS) against ISO 45001.

Our team of professional and experienced trainers will support you through the journey to becoming an effective auditor

After successful completion delegates will understand:
  • The purpose of an OH&S management system, and of OH&S management systems standards and the business benefits of the improved performance of the OH&S management system.
  • Understanding the 45001:2018 standard
  • The role of the OH&S management system auditor 
  • How to understand audit performance, including interviewing techniques

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