Phishing Services

Phishing attacks are an increasingly common threat, which is typically carried out by an adversary or a malicious party using email or instant messaging as a medium. The targets for malicious phishing are no longer large corporations, attackers are targeting a wide scale of organisations of all sizes and in different industries.

Therefore it is becoming a common practice for security-conscious organisations to conduct their own internal phishing exercises to measure their exposure to a real attack scenario.

The Service

An authorised phishing exercise provides assurance around both the people and technical measures in place within your organisation to prevent information leakage or a compromise.

Benefits of using our services include:

  • Draw on our extensive experience of performing numerous phishing exercises.
  • Plan phishing and user awareness campaigns.
  • Send simulated phishing emails to users.
  • Phishing campaigns can be customised to deliver exploits or extract user credential information.
  • Safely track phishing responses by target users.
  • Capture trends that can be analysed over a timeframe to see user behaviour patterns and security awareness.

We can also help deliver security awareness programmes in conjunction with our phishing assessments to raise end-user awareness.

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