Penetration Testing

A proactive approach to understanding your threats and vulnerabilities will ensure that your sensitive information, your assets, and your reputation remain intact. We work with you to identify the appropriate penetration testing services for your organisation.

What is penetration testing?

A penetration test, commonly known as pentest, is a test carried out on computer systems to identify security weaknesses and potentially obtaining access to the computer’s information and data. A penetration test is an information security assessment which simulates an attack against an organization’s IT assets. It examines IT systems for any weaknesses that could be used by an attacker to disrupt the confidentiality, availability or integrity of the network and associated data.

When should you consider undertaking a pentest

With an increasing number of cyber attacks and constantly evolving threats, it’s recommended that all organisation undertake regular penetration testing at least once a year.

The following are some example trigger points for arranging a pentest:

  • Any significant changes to company infrastructure, network or systems
  • Launching new IT products and services
  • Undergoing a business merger or acquisition
  • Preparing for compliance with data security standards
  • Utilising and/or developing custom applications

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