BS 10012

Personal Information Management Standard

The BS 10012:2017 is a British Standard which was recently revised in 2017, as the previous 2009 version mainly focused on the 1998 Data Protection Act.

The 2017 revision provides the requirement to embed a personal information management system (PIMS), and specifications to manage and mitigate risks in relation to the privacy of personal information. In addition, this also helps set up the framework to implement relevant organisational controls to help comply with regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Key benefits of implementing this standard include:

  • Specification for a personal information management system within the organisation.
  • Clear identification and control of personally identifiable information within the organisation.
  • Management of risks and threats in relation to personal information.
  • Compliance against data protection laws and privacy regulations.
  • Increased confidence by clients and customers to handle their personal data.
  • Competitive advantage by establishing a reputable management system.
  • Win new business and clients due to increased trust.

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